HEBA was founded in 1985.

HEBA is a well-known supplier of food and beverages to the Nordic markets. HEBA´s products are available at Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol monopoly), the everyday commodity market, Horeca and in our neighboring countries Denmark and Finland.

Our range includes our own brands and a number of selected well-known international brands.

The everyday commodity market is looked after by a 14-person sales organization at our partner Tredo AB. Our goal is to offer our customers innovative and high-quality products. HEBA remains a family business with all the benefits that it provides in terms of tradition, awareness and passion for the products we offer.

HEBA Food & Beverages – an expert partner with many years of experience.

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Customer Service


Senior advisor

Heinz Mahrle heinz@heba.se

Sales Manager

Christian Mahrle christian@heba.se

Manager, Purchase – Finance

Richard Mahrle richard@heba.se

Administration – Finance

Inger Högman inger@heba.se

Marketing assistant

Fanny Warneflo Boström fanny@heba.se

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-15:30
Friday: 8:00-14:30

HEBA Food & Beverages AB
Visit: Kyrkvägen 5, 372 52 Kallinge
Post: Box 142, 372 22 RONNEBY
Phone: +46 457 24085
Mail: info@heba.se